After a career as mechanical engineer and working in the project management group of an oil and gas exploration company, Gerald accomplished the diploma program International Development at the University of Vienna, which he completed with a Magister degree in 2014. Within his studies he set the main focus on energy politics, sociology of technology studies, political economy, political ecology and environmental politics. Three years of his studies he spent as an exchange student at the University of Lapland (in Rovaniemi, Finland), where he added a regional focus on the Arctic and furthermore accomplished the (non-degree) Arctic Studies Program. During this time he also completed his diploma thesis. After working in the Anthropology Research Team in the Arctic Centre he is currently employed in the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, also in the Arctic Centre (Rovaniemi). Gerald is also PhD student at the University of Lapland.

His current research interests are in the fields of :

  • Extractive industries, energy politics, environmental politics, and natural resource management
  • Science and technology studies
  • Political ecology and hegemony theories
  • Digitalisation
  • Arctic studies




Peer Reviewed Publications

Zojer, G. (2019): Free and open source software as a contribution to digital security in the Arctic. In: Arctic Yearbook 2019, pp. 173-188. (Download PDF)

Zojer, G (2019): The Interconnectedness of Digitalisation and Human Security in the European High North: Cybersecurity Conceptualised through the Human Security Lens. In: The Yearbook of Polar Law, Vol. 10, pp. 297-320. doi:10.1163/22116427_010010014

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Scientific Publications

Zojer, G. (ed.) (2019): Enablement Besides Constraints: Human Security and a Cyber Multi-Disciplinary Framework in the European High North. Synthesis Report. Juridica Lapponica 47. Rovaniemi: University of Lapland Printing Centre.

Zojer, G. and Hossain, K. (2017): Rethinking multifaceted human security threats in the Barents Region: A multilevel approach to societal security. Juridica Lapponica 42. Rovaniemi: University of Lapland Printing Centre. (Download PDF)

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Zojer, G. (2014): Energy Politics in Arctic Governance: A shift from environmental protection toward economic development? Diploma thesis, University of Vienna. (download pdf)


Media Appearances

Stromberger P. and M. Guancioli (Producer), Federl M. (Director) 2015. Eine Reise durch das Lappland auf den Spuren der Samen [A journey through Lapland on the trails of the Sámi]. Documentary film. Austria: ORF (Austrian national public service broadcaster) 2015. Appearence as Interview partner and moderator.




Arctic Law and Governance.
Spring Term 2016 & 2017. Part of Master's Degree Programme in International and Comparative Law, Faculty of Law, University of Lapland.



Global Economy and Arctic Governance and
Adoption of Modern Technologies in Arctic Societies
12th International Summer School in Lapland, “The Politics of Nature: States, Borders, and Limits of Modernity.” Kilpisjärvi, Finland, August 6–14, 2018. Summer school organised by Moscow Higher School of Economics, Aleksanteri Institue - University of Helsinki, and University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway.

Conceptualizing Digitalisation in the European High North as a Matter of Human Security
International Summer School in Karelia (ISSK), “Discourses and dimensions of the Barents Region, the EU and the entire North - theories & methods of Arctic studies.” Petrozavodsk, Russian Federation, May 14–19, 2018. Summer school organisied by Petrozavodsk State University, Aleksanteri Institue, University of Helsinki, and University of Lapland.

Main discourses in Arctic governance: A comparative analysis of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and the Arctic Council
Guest lecture at International Summer School in Karelia (ISSK) 2016, at the Petrozavodsk State University.


Presentations (Selection)

Open Source Software as a Contribution to Human Security in a Digitalised Arctic. 20 October 2018, Arctic Circle Assembly, Reykjávik (ISL).

Contextualizing cybersecurity as a domain of human security: The interconnectedness of digitalisation and human security in the European Arctic. 14 November 2017, Polar Law Symposium, Rovaniemi (FIN).

When the oil comes back: adaptation of Arctic inhabitants to hydrocarbon technologies. 26 March 2017, International Conference on Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic with specific focus on the Barents region, Enontekiö (FIN).

Arctic governance under the influence of a global fossil-industrial way of life. 7 October 2016, Arctic Circle Assembly, Reykjávik (ISL).

The human development agenda in Arctic governance and its interplays with a global fossil-industrial way of life. 3 September 2016, Petrocultures Conference 2016: The Offshore, St. John’s, NL (CAN).

The Arctic Council between global interests and regional development: A continuation of the prevailing economic order. 3 June 2016, Calotte Academy, Murmansk (RUS).

A Short Ethnography of a Pile of Money and a Deep Hole in the Ground: Diamond Mining in Mirny. 25 February 2016, HuSArctic Seminar, Rovaniemi (FIN).

Hydrocarbon development in the Arctic: A suitable approach for human development in the region? 10 December 2015, HuSArctic Seminar: "Looking through the lens of Human Rights: Human Security and the Arctic communities", Rovaniemi, (FIN).

Arctic hydrocarbon resources: Curse or blessing for societal security in the Arctic? 17 August 2015, NSF Arctic-FROST Conference, St. Petersburg (RUS).

Arctic environmental governance as a venue for socio-economic power struggels. 6 June 2015, Calotte Academy, Inari (FIN)

Strengthening sovereignty through Arctic cooperation: Offshore hydrocarbon extraction as a vehicle to maintain prevailing power relations. 2 June 2014, Calotte Academy, Rovaniemi (FIN)

Hydrocarbons and Arctic Governance. From environmental protection to economic development. 3 December 2013, In the Spirit of the Rovaniemi Process – Conference, Rovaniemi (FIN)

Energy politics in the Arctic Council. A shift from environmental protection toward resource management? 20 May 2013, Calotte Academy, Tromsø (NOR).

De-Democratization of the control over natural resources? The commercialization of the European water market. 28 May 2012, Calotte Academy, in Rovaniemi (FIN).


Project Involvements

ECoHuCy - Enablement besides Constraints: Human Security and a Cyber Multi-disciplinary Framework in the European High North




ACCESS - Arctic Climate Change, Economy and Society

Arctic-FROST - Arctic FRontiers Of SusTainability: Resources, Societies, Environments and Development in the Changing North

HuSArctic - Human Security as a promotional tool for societal security in the Arctic: Addressing Multiple Vulnerability to its Population with Specific Reference to the Barents Region

IntArcticLaw - International Arctic Law



Thematic Networks

Coordinator of UArctic Thematic Network (TN) on Geopolitics and Security

Member of UArctic Thematic Network Arctic Extractive Industries


Other Academic Activities

Since 2016 steering committee member & co-coordinator of the Calotte Academy


Research Grants

2013: Short-term grant abroad (KWA); University of Vienna